How can you take balance off your Yoga mat . . .

. . . and into everyday life You probably hear your Yoga teacher telling you to take your Yoga practice off the mat. What does that even mean? I have a few suggestions, and I’d love to hear how you’ve taken your practice off the mat in the comments! 1: Notice Your Breathing If you’re…

Struggling with Balance in Yoga?

5 tips for Better Balance on the Mat Do you feel yourself wobbling in certain Asana (poses)? There is always a way to go deeper into a pose; these five tips will help you find your balance. If you fall out of a pose, no worries! It happens to everyone — even Yoga teachers. 1:…

Spring into Balance!

Taking our cues from nature In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Spring Equinox this Saturday (3/20/21). That means that day and night are essentially balanced. What better time to take a look at the balance in your own life? Spring is also a time of rebirth: a time of baby animals, Spring flowers, and bare…

Build Your Intuition with Oracle Cards

Get your day started with a dose of inspiration! Short on time in the morning? Who isn’t these days? You may still enjoy starting your days with a dose of inspiration — which I recommend! — and Oracle cards might just be your ticket to starting your day off right. Which Goddess will speak to…


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