How can you take balance off your Yoga mat . . .

. . . and into everyday life You probably hear your Yoga teacher telling you to take your Yoga practice off the mat. What does that even mean? I have a few suggestions, and I’d love to hear how you’ve taken your practice off the mat in the comments! 1: Notice Your Breathing If you’reContinue reading “How can you take balance off your Yoga mat . . .”

Struggling with Balance in Yoga?

5 tips for Better Balance on the Mat Do you feel yourself wobbling in certain Asana (poses)? There is always a way to go deeper into a pose; these five tips will help you find your balance. If you fall out of a pose, no worries! It happens to everyone — even Yoga teachers. 1:Continue reading “Struggling with Balance in Yoga?”

Spring into Balance!

Taking our cues from nature In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Spring Equinox this Saturday (3/20/21). That means that day and night are essentially balanced. What better time to take a look at the balance in your own life? Spring is also a time of rebirth: a time of baby animals, Spring flowers, and bareContinue reading “Spring into Balance!”

Build Your Intuition with Oracle Cards

Get your day started with a dose of inspiration! Short on time in the morning? Who isn’t these days? You may still enjoy starting your days with a dose of inspiration — which I recommend! — and Oracle cards might just be your ticket to starting your day off right. Which Goddess will speak toContinue reading “Build Your Intuition with Oracle Cards”

Step away from the phone. Pick up a book.

Get started with a dose of inspiration! It only take s a few minutes first thing in the morning to start your day off on the right foot. Reading from an inspirational book — maybe pulling a few Oracle cards: ditch the social media, get cozy, and get prepared for a great morning — andContinue reading “Step away from the phone. Pick up a book.”

Wake up like Oprah!

Give me 5 minutes — I’ll change your mornings! What happens after your alarm goes off? Do you have to hit snooze a few times? Are there kids (or a husband or wife) screaming for attention even before you can get the words “Good morning” out of your mouth? Does it feel like you haveContinue reading “Wake up like Oprah!”

What will You bring about in 2021 Part IV

How will you practice self care? In the third part of this series, I explained the five Yamas here. They are guidelines for how to interact with and treat other people. If you’re still struggling with a goal for 2021, and you want to pick one, picking one thing to work on from the YamasContinue reading “What will You bring about in 2021 Part IV”

What will You bring about in 2021 Part III

How will you interact with others? I introduced you, briefly, to the Yamas (how you interact with others) and the Niyamas (how you take care of yourself) in the second post in this series here. Now it’s time to learn about the Yamas. The Yamas Ahimsa Ahimsa is often defined as non violence. Some YogisContinue reading “What will You bring about in 2021 Part III”

What will You bring about in 2021 Part II

Yoga’s Got Your Back I asked in Part I of this series about how you go about setting resolutions (read that post here). In this second post, I’m going to introduce you to the Yamas and Niyamas. Yoga is about a lot more than Asana (poses). In fact, there’s an eight limbed path at theContinue reading “What will You bring about in 2021 Part II”