Hi! I’m Judy

Like you, I am — and have been — many things:

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Runner
  • Animal Lover
  • Graphic Designer
  • Book Lover
  • Mad Baker
My Yoga Philosophy

I believe that you are your best teacher — although I am here to guide you and offer suggestions.

I believe that every body is different, and that every body can do Yoga. It’s not about being flexible or having a certain body type.

I know that many Yoga students come to Yoga for the physical practice. That’s where I started, too.

Yoga offers so much more: “yoking” your mind and body together; breathwork to calm you down or pick you up; meditation to help you accept your thoughts but not allow them to rule you.

I will offer you the physical practice — as well as pranayama (breath work) and meditation. These practices have helped me enormously in my life, and I know that if you give them a chance, they can make a huge difference in your life, too.

I specialize in Yin Yoga, which is a practice with longer holds that may help strengthen your connective tissue — and your mental strength! These qualities have huge benefits for runners.

I believe that in our fast paced world, the real antidote is not constantly pushing ourselves further and harder, but in slowing down and going inside to reach the calmness and happiness we’re all searching for.

My Yoga Training

When you find something you love, something that helps you, you want to share it with everyone! After many years of Yoga practice, I decided to become a Yoga teacher.

My training includes:

My Yoga Practice

I share with you the things I practice myself:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Dynamic Yoga to banish stiffness
  • Myofascial Release
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathwork)

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