Step away from the phone. Pick up a book.

Start your day off with a dose of inspiration

Get started with a dose of inspiration!

It only take s a few minutes first thing in the morning to start your day off on the right foot. Reading from an inspirational book — maybe pulling a few Oracle cards: ditch the social media, get cozy, and get prepared for a great morning — and great day. See my post “Wake up like Oprah!” here for more information on morning routines.

Inspirational books to check out

You Can Heal Your Life

Louise Hay was a visionary. She healed herself from cancer, and went on to help thousands of people. You’ll be inspired by Louise’s life story. Louise lays out a plan for how you can change your life — and why we resist change, too.

You’ll find affirmations for many different health issues. One of my favorites is also one of the simplest:

All is well in my world

Buy You Can Heal Your life on Amazon here

How Yoga Works

People seem to either love or hate “How Yoga Works”. If you loved the Alchemist, which I did, you might enjoy this. It’s the story of a young Tibetan girl and her dog, and how she changes the lives of people she meets while imprisoned in a small town. Woven throughout the story are the Yoga Sutras.

Buy “How Yoga Works” on Amazon here

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The Secret Power of Yoga

The Yoga Sutras were handed done orally, for centuries, by male Yogis. They are a series or aphorisms, or short phrases or sentences, about Yoga.

Not Yoga as we so often view it in the Western world today: Asana, or postures, were almost nonexistent in the Yoga Sutras, but Yoga as a means to remind us that we are all divine beings and that we are all deserving of happiness.

For centuries women were not allowed to practice Yoga. “The Secret Power of Yoga” is a great book to look at the Yoga Sutras from a more feminine mindset. It includes questions to meditate on and explanations for the Yoga Sutras.

The Secret Power of the Yoga Sutras can be found not by intellectual reading or discourse alone, but by deeply meditating on each aphorism, imbibing the spiritual truths and bringing them to our everyday life.

–Nischala Joy Devi

Buy “The Secret Power of Yoga” on Amazon here

Every Day I Pray

“Every Day I Pray” has nothing to do with Yoga — on the surface. It’s a series of prayers on a wide variety of topics:

  • To Speak the Truth
  • Blessing for a Meal
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • A Blessing for the Body
  • And many more!

These are non denominational prayers, and I am sure you will find a prayer that will speak to you.

Buy “Everyday I Pray” on Amazon here

Mantras in Motion

I became a follower of Erin Stutland many years ago. I love how she ties movement with Mantras — she is young, but she is an old soul, too. In “Mantras in Motion” she will help you release your resistance, change your beliefs, cultivate courage — all while using poetic mantras and moving your body.

“Buy Mantras in Motion” on Amazon here

I highly recommend Erin’s app, The Movement (click here for a 7 day free trial), too. As well as her Soul Strolls!

Have some inspirational reading materials you’d like to share with us? Please drop it in the comments! Because no one can ever have enough inspiration in their life!

Disclaimer: this post includes Amazon Affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase using my link, I make a very small amount of money from your purchase. Thank you.

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