What will you bring about in 2021?

Do you struggle deciding on what sort of resolution to pick? How many to pick?

Maybe you’ve just given up on the idea of resolutions altogether, because you know you’ll just forget about them.

What if you chose just one thing to concentrate on for all of 2021? How do you think your life would look like at the end of 2021 if you just chose one thing — and stuck to it? If you’re sighing a huge sigh of relief right now, keep reading — because I’m going to make it easy for you.

The Butterfly Effect

Let’s say you decide in 2021 you’re going to concentrate on drinking more water. You do it, and voila! You actually feel better because you’re hydrated. Suddenly you’re tackling the things on your to-do list because you’ve got more energy.

Maybe drinking more makes you feel so much better that you decide to clean up your diet. That gives you even more energy!

You get the idea: one simple decision, one small goal, can literally change your life.

So what does Yoga have to do with resolutions? In the next post I’ll introduce you to the Yamas and Niyamas — choosing something to work on from these can definitely create a butterfly effect in your life.

2021 Intentions 1 | 2021 Intentions 2 | 2021 Intentions 3 | 2021 Intentions 4

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